honest PR + CREATIVE is a small communications with a big array of services.

Between the two of us, we’ve been able to gain experience—and find success—in areas as broad as general public relations and marketing, writing and editing, big picture thinking on brand, strategy and story, and even work beyond words, like scriptwriting and film direction or hand-lettering and mixed media work.

Holly’s experience has focused on the nonprofit world, from international relief and development to healthcare to arts programming to citizen journalism.

Marjorie’s experience has focused on the business world, from brand development to marketing and promotion, for companies working in urban development, retail and manufacturing.

Both are ever curious, always learning, and happiest when uncovering the hook for just the right audience.


  • brand development (mission, values, audience, voice +)
  • brand auditing
  • brand journalism (C-suite ghost writing, topical reporting +)


  • impact storytelling
  • mixed media & hand lettering
  • copywriting
  • document development & design
  • video scriptwriting / direction


  • content strategy development & planning
  • social media / digital strategy development
  • diversity & inclusion consulting
  • market positioning & communications consulting


  • web / print
  • manuscript editing
  • developmental editing

media relations

  • press release writing / syndication
  • event planning
  • social media outreach & syndication
  • journalistic standards & media consulting